Online Resources

The following resources are available to all public schools and libraries in the Ecosystem.

The Ecosystem has purchased a 3-year license to TumbleMath for all 31 state-aided public libraries in the Ecosystem as well as the 60+ public and private elementary schools served by IU8.

TumbleMath is a collection of animated and narrated math picture books covering K-5 math concepts using stories and literature to reinforce concepts. Math picture books fall into one of three categories. 1. Fundamental math picture books are based soley around a math concept. 2. Embedded math picture books have the math embedded into the story, and the plot stands alone. 3. Connected math picture books do not have math concepts in place, but teachers can make connections to math through think-aloud activities and class discussions. Books are accompanied by lesson plans and thousands of quizzes created by math teachers, searchable by Common Core standards.

If you are a library or school and want to place a link to TumbleMath on your webpage, you can embed this URL

We ask that you include this language on your webpage, “CSB2 STEM Ecosystem school and library access to TumbleMath is made possible by a PAsmart grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, Governor.”

You can get additional marketing materials at: is an online service to help students in grades K-16 in a variety of STEM-related subjects through live tutoring sessions, practice quizzes and tests, video lessons and more. will offer students 1:1 online tutoring sessions from 3 pm to 10 pm daily to assist with homework and concepts related to Math, Science and Computer Literacy.  Students can take practice quizzes for topics in for Math, Science, English and sections of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test at any time and later connect with a tutor to discuss any questions they missed.

Students can also drop off a Math question 24/7 for review by a tutor, who will explain the step by step solution. Full-length practice tests, detailed score reports and related video lessons and practice drills are available 24/7 for SAT/ACT prep. Other tools available 24/7 include math and English video tutorials and prep for AP and grad school exams. will be available before the end of August through May 31, 2023.

To access, students will need to have a public library card. List of libraries and how to get a library card.

To check the list of subjects for which students can receive tutoring, STEM Subject List