STEM Challenge 2

Objective: Embrace the architect within. Design a cardboard cat house using boxes and cardboard.

Materials needed: Cardboard boxes, any items made from cardboard (paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, cardboard from the back of old tablets, etc.)

Judging categories:
1.) Most creative
2.) Best use of cardboard
3.) Most complex (cats love to explore)
4.) Decorative

How to participate:
Working with your parents, caregiver, teacher, or an adult, design and build a cat house.  After you have your cat house built, you need to take a photograph of it. If you have a cat…it would be nice to see your cat in the house (there are no extra points awarded for having a cat)

Once you have your photograph, you need to register for our STEM Challenge Showcase by clicking this link…

Some examples:

Some helpful YouTube videos:

*How to make Amazing Kitten Cat Pet House from Cardboard
*EPIC cardboard cat house DIY 
* Cat  house, DIY cardboard box ideas  
*How to make a house for a cat out of cardboard