STEM Challenge 1

Objective: Create a racetrack that a marble or other small ball can travel down from beginning to end without coming off the track.

Materials needed: Any materials may be used to create the racetrack. Examples include: paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, cardboard, paper plates, clothespins, paper clips, tape, glue, cereal boxes, straws, etc.

Judging categories:
1.) Longest racetrack (minimum distance 3 feet) [measure all track length]
2.) Most diverse use of materials
3.) Most creative (racetrack has a theme)
4.) Decorative

How to participate:
Working with your parents, caregiver, teacher, or an adult, design and create a marble race track. After you have your racetrack built, you need to make a video (using your phone) that shows a marble or small ball running the length of your track from beginning to end.

Once you have your video, you need to register for our STEM Challenge Showcase by clicking this link…

Some examples:

Some helpful YouTube videos:

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