STEM Equipment and Training

Don’t forget that teachers and librarians are able to borrow STEM equipment from IU8. There are also lots of training opportunities.

To learn about these opportunities, just click these links…then bookmark them!

AIU8 STEM Lending Center ( – STEM kits and equipment for schools and libraries. Some require training before borrowing.

CSB2 Ecosystem Libraries Lending Center    ( – STEM Kits and equipment that public libraries can borrow from each other and from IU8.

Public Libraries: Need help setting up a new staff account to manage your library’s STEM inventory or to borrow or lend out STEM resources through the CSB2 Libraries My Turn Site?  Contact Cheryl Morgan at  Once you have an account, the My Turn Help Center at   has an excellent “Getting Started” section to give you a quick start.

Watch the CSB2 listserv for future training opportunities.

Sarah Brambley also posts Links for IU8 STEM & Network Meetings to the wakelet at